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Friday, July 24, 2015

Foundations and Granular Details

We are in Lovina and bouncing from "the big picture" to rather granular details. Today we met with Michael and Anne of Properlines, a small business in Kaliasem (Lovina) that specialize in having linens, staff uniforms and window treatments (curtains). These items are made from materials manufactured in Indonesia, mainly Java, and then prepared in Java for final assembly/installation here in Bali.

Balinese do not use a lot of color as tradition dictates most things are natural and are thus made from wood, bamboo or stone.  The main colors are red, white, yellow and black.  Of course there is more than that, but those are the basic ones.  For our house, the main colors are going to be walnut brown wood, gray, white and since some of the floors will be terracotta, red.

For the draperies in the master bedroom, we have decided to go full out and have red on the windows behind the bed and very light gray on those covering the sliding glass doors.

To the left are examples of the two colors for the master bedroom draperies.

Michael and Anne had a lot of good ideas and I am sure we will enjoy working with them; however it seems odd focusing on curtains and bed linens when we have not got a flat plot to use yet.

Nevertheless, progress is being made on the plot preparation.  The retaining walls will take several months to complete, but the urgent thing is to get the walls on the lower sides finished and the earth filled in to have a flat building plot.  The actual building area/gardens shall not be perfectly flat, but rather have a slight slope varying by one meter from the high side to the low side.

Pictures of one of the walls and the iron going into the walls is shown below.

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