Villa G's Travels and Villa Cengkeh Bali

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Rainy Season Break

We were in Thailand on SV Villa G all of January and half of February.  From what I have heard, that was a very good plan.  There were lots of rain in Bali with landslides and gray rainy days.  Since the pool at Villa Cengkeh is solar dependent, the circulator was not working a whole lot; thus, the chlorine generator did not get to do it's job.  Hence the pool was growing algae when we got home.  In general the solar powered pool pump does an excellent job.

Other than the pool drama, everything else was fine.  The garden staff has been very busy keeping up with prolific plant life.  The garden looks very good for being less than a year old.  It is amazing what fertilizer and good rains can do for a tropical garden.

For the past two weeks there has been a lot of daytime sun and cool nights.  The pool looks fine after some help from modern chemistry.  We are beginning to water the garden by hand again, but hope there is yet rain to come.

Villa Cengkeh garden

Villa Cengkeh upper garden