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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Construction 12: Roof and Pool

Bali is now green.  It is hard to believe that six weeks ago everything was brown.  Fortunately the roof construction is progressing nicely.  Roland estimates that the roof will be finished by the end of January (2016).  

Plumbers are busy too.  No photo for you of that.  Too boring.  Checkout the photo from the kitchen.  The construction staff is already enjoying delicious home cooked meals from the new kitchen.  We are thinking that we will update their appliances before moving in.

The pools guys are back.  They had another job, but are now back at Villa Cengkeh.  They are currently installing the tiles cut from local stone in the pool.    It will have a green or blue-green color.

Viewed from across the valley, west toward east
Kitchen is put to good use
Roof progress on the west gallery
Tiles of stone installation in the pool

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Construction 11: Roof Continued

Ironwood Shingles
The rains have come and the roof progresses.  The roof on Villa Cengkeh is ironwood shingle from Borneo.  This tree is protected in Indonesia and cannot be exported.  Permits are necessary for its harvest.  A company in Surabaya is an authorized purveyor and has provided it for Villa Cengkeh.

The roof construction has multiple layers: rafters, planks, plastic/aluminium waterproof material, strips of wood and, finally, the ironwood shingles.
Main Door

Inside Over the Main Door