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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Villa Cengkeh: The views are beautiful

Orchids growing in the master bathroom
I have not written much since we moved in as there has been a certain level of frustration over the problems with the water well (see below).  However, we have certainly been adjusting and there is very much about living here that we enjoy.  We have a great staff and, despite the water problems, the gardens are growing with the aid of un-seasonal rains plus the combination of organic and chemical fertilizers in the hands of enthusiastic gardeners, me included.  Susan even has the veggie garden producing eggplants and tomatoes.

Below I have chosen a few photos to show some views.  It is awesome to awake everyday to the beauty of and from Villa Cengkeh.

From the pool deck to the south, up the gorge.

View of pool desk to the northwest
From north verandha to the Bali Sea

Solar powered pool pump in action