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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Balinese Painting for Villa Cengkeh

We waited a few months before attempting to acquire any art for Villa Cengkeh.  We needed to get a feel for the house as well as Balinese art.  Ubud is the center of Bali's art world and we made some trips there to check things.  After a while we felt we wanted to begin putting together a few pieces that represent the diversity of Balinese paintings.  We already have some Indonesian Timorese wood cravings.

Mr. Nyoman Jendra and his brothers, nephews and son have a studio in Ubud with a good selection of Balinese paintings.  Maybe not the "finest", certainly not the most expensive, nor cheapest.  It is all interesting and we purchased four items.  Two of them are traditional Balinese paintings that are basically refined charcoal drawing that are subsequently colorized.  Each takes a few months to make.  The others are more modern, but not necessarily "global".  One is definitely based on a Balinese story of a good woman and a Cenderwashi bird or bird of paradise.  Nyoman and his son Bolit came over one Sunday to make the delivery and see the home for their art.  That was pretty neat.  Bolit has painted some nudes that are stunning, unfortunately, they were already sold to others.

Nyoman Jendra artist

Nyoman Jendra artist

A Good Woman and a Bird of Paradise - a Bali Legend