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Saturday, June 4, 2016

On a shake-down cruise on Villa Cengkeh

We have been living in Villa Cengkeh for two weeks.  It is an absolutely beautiful place with great views of the sea and the mountains.  However, it is like a new boat in that there are lots of things that need adjustments such as the garden drains that were full of stones and had to be cleaned out.  The main problem has been with the water well.  It has been a drama and not sorted out yet so I shall write the details once all is said and done.

We found a old Buddha statue outside of Ubud that was for sale and I really took a shine to it.  The price was okay and it was delivered yesterday evening.  As always, the Balinese found a way to get the job done and it is now in its place in our garden overlooking the sea.
Afternoon view toward East Java
We been assured that the rainy season is over - really?

Arrival of Buddha statue for the garden

Buddha's first night at his new home

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