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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

We have a new home in Bali: Villa Cengkeh

New Temples at Villa Cengkeh
On 22 May 2016 we had the ceremonies to bless the new temples, the land and the new house at Villa Cengkeh.  The activities began at 07:30 and finished with an Indonesian buffet lunch.  Eighty persons were in attendance including 25 members of the gamelan (orchestra).

We were then able to sleep in Villa Cengkeh than evening.  It is going to be an adjustment after living on a yacht for 5 years.  There is so much space that my leg muscles are strengthening.

The kitchen is super and Susan and has already been able to roast a chicken and bake a fresh apple pie.

Villa Cengkeh is in the village of Kayuputih (white wood or eucalyptus) just above the villages of Lovina on Bali's north shore.
Roasted pig for an offering to the gods

Dancing a la Bali

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