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Monday, February 8, 2016

Construction 13: Roof, Pool & Bathrooms

Mr. Roland, the head construction manager, was on holiday last week, so we have not had photos for a while.  It is impressive how quickly things progress.  The roof is said to be a week away from being finished.  Most of the stone tiles in the pool are in place except where the steps are to be placed.  The various stone finishes for the bathrooms, inside and out are coming along too.

All that plus a substantial amount of landscaping during these rainy days!

We will head to Bali for a visit this coming weeks.  Quite exciting for us.

South End, Guest Room

Verandah over pool
Roof over verandah

Uncleaned Bali Dark Green stone tiles in pool looking westward
Stone batu tempel going onto the guest showers' outside wall

Paras stone going onto guest bathroom walls

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