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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Construction 5

More photos today from Roland.  The pool now has a form for the concrete which will be poured next week.  The large garden walls are basically finished and now the short ones along the driveway and walkway are being made.  On the residence the plaster has moved from the rough to the smooth finish and the carpenters are assembling the beams for the roof.  Electricians have put in most of the tubing and wires.

There has not been any rain which has been good for the construction progress.  Once the pool concrete is poured, then the remaining villa foundation can be made and the pillars for the roof over the verandah put up.  The roof would then follow.  So November is a crucial month.  If the rain holds off for another month that would be good for the construction; of course, that is up to mother nature.

Entrance ot the driveway

Driveway looking toward the entrance

Driveway with walks to house on right

Looking over pool to master bedroom and study

Pool ready for pouring concrete

The entrance door from inside looking out to the east

A bar counter will go on top of these brick walls


Steps from the carpark down to the well and water storage area

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