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Monday, October 12, 2015

Construction 3

We shall be sailing from Lovina tomorrow; therefore we had our last on-site visit to Villa Cengkeh today with Roland.  We plan to return by December.  Today, as most days when we visit the project we all go to Buda Bakery afterwards for a delicious lunch.

The work on the main stone walls is nearing completion.  This has been ongoing since mid-July.  See the pics below.

The swimming pool construction is in full swing.  It is a 25 meter lap pool with a curve at one end.  The construction is heavy duty.  It is done in multiple layers.  The first concrete block wall is being built, then a wooden form will be put in place, ironwork for re-enforcing will be added and then concrete poured.  The concrete pouring has to be done all in one go, around the clock so that there will be no joints and thus leaks.  Then tile made from a natural Bali stone will be placed over the concrete.

Lap pool

Lap pool

South wall

West wall
West wall 2

Steps down to well and water storage

West wall


Front of house

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