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Monday, August 10, 2015

Upacara 1: The Ceremony for laying the foundation + Susan's birthday

What an auspicious day it was!  9 August is Susan's birthday and it was also deemed an auspicious day to begin the foundation on our new home in Bali.  A Balinese priest had to be consulted to find the best day for this ceremony.  What a surprize, he suggested 9 August!

The Balinese calendar is very, very complicated, each day belonging to each of the 1 to 10 day long weeks that run simultaneously.  Therefore, each day has a combination of 10 weekday names.  The combination for the 5 day week and the 7 day week are the most critical for deciding when something should be done.

We gathered at 9am on the building site and watched the team including one priest, one ceremonial specialist and others make the blessings and then we participated in placing the offerings and first stones into the foundation.

Fondation Laying Ceremony for Villa Cengkeh in Kayuputih
Susan putting cement on the stones

Top Left: Nyoman, Susan and Roland; Bottom Left: The Priest and his Assistants
In the evening Susan and I were treated to a birthday dinner at the Spice Beach Club.  Many of the Tropis Living Team were able to join and celebrate with us.

Top Right: Tropis Livings' Kadek (architect), Roland, Jeroen and Wilhelm (clockwise from 11 o'clock around.

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