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Monday, September 3, 2018

This and that: summer 2018

The gardens of Villa Cengkeh are now three years old and beginning to look "mature".  The fruit trees have begun to bare including oranges, carambole (star fruit), soursop, bananas and mangoes.  The bougainvillea and plumeria (frangipani) are flowering profusely.  However, the veggie garden is taking hit during the dry season.
Susan selecting a mango
It has been a good year for visitors to Villa Cengkeh.  Susan's sisters Kitty and Diana came in March, the Horowitzs in April and the Frelingers in late May.  It was the high season Balinese holiday, Hari Raya Gunungan, during the Frelinger visit; and the sights and sounds were pervasive.

We've also done a bit of traveling: Western Australia in February, Phuket in June and Sweden in August.  All great fun!
Dana and Susan's office nearby Villa Cengkeh

Our neighbor Koman butchering a pig for Gunungan

Cengkeh (cloves) drying at our neighbor's place

Ibu Chip cooling in the pool

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