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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Construction 19: Master Bath, Kitchen, Pool, Temple, Garden

Temple under construction to Left and garage behind.
We have been back Bali for more than two weeks, but have not updated with more recent photos until now. Things are at that stage where most of the changes are small and less noticable. Nevertheless, the devil is in the details and the Tropis Living team is on top of everything.
House from driveway
From entrance toward garage
One of the last major projects has been to put down the drive and walk ways.  This was impossible when there was heavy rain daily.  Now, rain is not daily and its amount is not substantial. In fact, it has been critical to get water from the well for the new gardens.  A temporary pump is in place and super water is coming out.  It is from about 100 meters deep, crystal clear and has 119 ppm of total dissolved solids. Excellent!  We have installed an small reverse osmosis system in the kitchen that will reduce to less that 10 ppm.

Pool being filled from the new water well.  Not clean yet!
With the well working so nicely, we have been filling the pool.  It is growing algae nicely too!  The rest of the pool equipment will be in place next week including the solar powered pool pump so the pool will be operational soon.

Master Bath toward northwest
The bathrooms are almost finished.  I've chosen some photos of the master bath which is nearly complete except for the lighting. The tub is from a single stone as are the wash basins. These are common things in Bali.  As you can see, one wall opens to the sky which helps reduce the humidity.

Door from dressing room into Master Bath
There are some very important details missing. The septic tanks are not ready.  The solar panels for the well and pool pumps are not in place and there are days of cleaning yet to be done.  Yet, we are very happy and enjoying the whole process.

Northeast Master Bath wall

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