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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Construction 10: The First Trees, roof progress etc

The rains have come to north  Bali, thus it is time to plant some trees so that they can begin to establish roots before the next dry.

The water well has made substantial progress since drilling past some granite stone.  It is now at 110 meters.  This is a relief; however, the real relief comes when there is water found!

The roof is really beginning to shape-up now.  It was very slow and time consuming to get the frame joined together, but now they are at the stage where planks are being laid down and soon the wooden, Ulin or ironwood, shingles will be placed on top of vapor barrier aluminium and plastic sheeting.

The pool team is back and have been working on the steps and the pool equipment room.  If the rains keep up they will have a full pool too.

The first new trees, garage in the back

Roof over veranda and guest rooms

Roof over master bath
Pool steps in front, equipment room in back

The plaster man's son

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