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Friday, November 27, 2015

Construction 8: Roof continued

The construction of the roof continues.  It is a big job.  The timbers are cut and trimmed with hand tools, assembled on the ground to assure that they work together and have the correct dimensions.  Then disassembled and each piece are raised up one at a time.  Wooden pegs are slipped into the assembly to hold them together.  Subsequently, cross braces are bolted on.  Electric drills are used for the bolt holes; otherwise the tools are hand tools like saws, hatchets, chisels etc.

Everyday the wife of the roof construction boss comes with offerings to place in the newest parts of the structure.  This is a local Hindu custom.
Readying the column for the living room roof

Offerings to be placed in the newest roof section

Yes, those are stones on her head

East Roof

Final trim of the timber
Hand trimmed joints
The basic tools for fitting the timbers

Roof sections being assembled for quality control before raising

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