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Saturday, September 26, 2015


We sailed back to Lovina from Australia and have visited Villa Cengkeh and seen a lot of progress since we left in August.  SV Villa G is comfortably anchored a few hundred meters from the Spice Beach Club in Kaliasem, Lovina Beach.

Walls around the plot have progressed on the east side, finished on the north and west sides and yet to start on the south side.

A well is being drilled.  It should go to about 120 meters and will take six or more weeks.

The pool is being dug, but there is a lot of paras stone, so that is slow going.  The foundation around of the verandah cannot be completed until the pool excavation is finished as there could be damage from the excavator.

Floors are going down and walls are going up.  The plumber will start this week putting the piping into the kitchen and bathroomss before those floors are poured with cement.

Two small caves were discovered by the team building the wall on the north side.  These are thought to be sacred to the local people, so a wayway has been paved to allow access to them and later small Hindu shrines will be placed in them.

Susan and Roland heading to the caves

One of the newly discovered grottos

Looking south on the future driveway

Susan and Roland in the master bath

Looking at front door in middel of house

Swimming pool being dug

West terrace walls looking north

Future verandah and guest rooms

Guest bedroom and bath

Looking from southeast to northwest

View from east to west
East wal

Water well being drilled with green machine

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